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City Commission meeting - 7:00pm Government Center - Voting on funding the Madison/Jefferson Street Reconstruction

SNA Winter 2023 Meeting - TBD 7:00 PM

The First meeting of 2023 TBD

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July 19th Meeting Notice

SNA members:

Below is a list of proposed officers for the SNA for which you will be asked to approve to be the interim Executive Committee at the July 19, 2022 meeting. All but one of the listed individuals has served the SNA for a number of years as either an officer of the executive committee or a committee member/chair of one of the standing subcommittees. All of the people listed below responded to my request to meet and revitalize the SNA, which had not met since the pandemic emerged as a public health crisis. This group has been meeting regularly since January 2022 and in that seven months has accomplished the following:

  • Put together a strategic plan,

  • Revised the outdated bylaws,

  • Built a new website to create a venue for information and communication with SNA residents,

  • Organized the May 2022 SNA meeting,

  • Invited city staff and held special topic meetings on the Jefferson/Madison Reconstruction and Ashton Park improvements,

  • Organized the annual Slabtown Beach clean-up.

Traverse City Government News in SNA

Jefferson & Madison Street Reconstruction

New Businesses

M-DOT Reconstruction of Grandview Parkway

Slabtown Community Events

Beach Cleanup Summer 2022

Fall Block Party

Ashton Park meeting June 27, 2022, 5_30-6_30.pdf